Clearly, TII’s services are beneficial for students for a plethora of reasons. But you might be surprised to learn that businesses who partner with our programs also acquire a host of short-term and long-term benefits through internship opportunities.

1. Exceptionally High Return Rate

Studies have shown that companies that get high school interns will have a considerable competitive advantage in the job market in the future. As our committed interns will already be exposed to the industry at an earlier age, they will become more passionate and willing to work further in depth with a business long after their internships have finished. Furthermore, they will be more receptive to work in that company because they are aware of its business model and will be eager to learn more by joining back as an employee.

2. Competitively Affordable Prices

TII offers a suite of recruitment opportunities for prospective interns at prices not matched elsewhere. In terms of prices, our flat rate per session and the fixed fee per intern can be found nowhere else. It is not uncommon to find businesses, big or small, to be spending thousands of dollars annually on recruiting. Assuming that our average business onboard 2 interns, the cost with TII is a mere $300. The savings that TII services provide to onboarding companies far outstrip similar services from other companies such as and LinkedIn.

3. High Schoolers are an Ideal Demographic

For most businesses, aspiring high school students are among the best demographic to tap into in terms of work ethic, drive, motivation, and ambition. By providing frictionless and seamless access to a new generation of dedicated minds, TII allows businesses easy partnership with internships offering limitless potential. To a company, an internship can forge a decades-long bond that is immensely mutually beneficial, and TII is the one to make that bond as easy to form as possible.

If you are a company looking for more targeted benefits of partnering with TII, please visit our Businesses page designed just for you.